Sunday, May 19, 2013

I like cheese, and it tastes great on toast.

So finally, after reading THIS POST by one of my incredible mission companions, I was re-inspired to get cracking and put on paper (or blogger) the goals/plans floating around in my big spacious brain.

Its gonna be hard, and probably also cheesy, but I like cheese, and it tastes great on toast.

First, we set the scene with some reminiscing..

In the last couple of weeks of my mission I really started to stress out about how I was going to cope with life once I was back. In order to avoid the constant questions about going home, I had led everyone to believe I had only been out for a year. Eventually I caved and started to tell people, and I am so glad I finally did. This is why..

I could go into the details, but thats too much for you to read and for me to type, lets just acknowledge the fact that I could no longer hold a conversation not about the gospel, had lost any form of fashion sense I may or may not have had, was worried about being annoying, wanted to stay on my missionary high forever, and had no desire to watch any movie unless it was called "Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration (look at that, I went into details.. lets stop there). As a missionary you kind of get to put 'life' on hold, while growing faster than you could otherwise, and I liked that, alot. But Heavenly Father has a plan and knows that eventually you just have to go home, there is only so much progressing you can do when you're not allowed to date..

So, getting to the point of this post, during those last few weeks of my mission I happened to talk to some incredibly amazing people who helped me feel okay about going home, and understanding that there really is life after death (both normally and mission-wise).

Person #2 (where is person #1 you ask? they will feature in another post, this one is already hitting my 'too long for even me to read' limit)
I can't remember what his name was (ooh mysterious), but he changed my life forever!

He said "you have just been through the hardest experience of your life to date, you have learned more about yourself, the Gospel, life, the world and people. Go home and make this year the best year of your life!" 


And he didn't stop there "It doesn't mean that life is going to be perfect for you, and especially not easy, but you are a new person and you know how to make things better. Go get life Sister Farthing!"

So holy crap I plan on it!

I have been so inspired by mystery mans words that I feel these past 3 months have been pretty awesome, they for sure have been ridiculously unexpected and nutso, but, also really great. I was  SO inspired that on the flight home in-between watching 'Brave' and accidentally falling asleep on the guy next to me, I decided to not only make this the best year ever (and the year after that more betterer etc..), but to make today the best day of my life.

Slap me on a car and call me a bumper sticker!

How will I do this? ... I'm not entirely sure yet.. but it will have plenty to do with setting goals, being a grown up, applying all I have learned on my Mission/life so far, trusting in God, getting out of my comfort zone, choosing my attitude and all those good things.

And YOU my fabulous friends and family get to read all about it ..if you want.. no pressure.

So here is to MAKING every day the BEST day of my life!

feel free to write wonderful encouraging comments about how great my plan is, or tell me why it isn't going to happen, or tell me how you make your year awesome, or your day, or your week, or how you like your cheese..

Monday, September 12, 2011

Peace out :D

I'm officially 'Sister Farthing' and it feels so cool haha.

Finally the time has come and I get to serve the Lord in the Arizona Tempe Mission. Thank you everyone who came to my setting apart last night, it was sooper awesome to have you all there and to give you big hugs.

Thank you to all of you who have helped me get ready, who have calmed me down, who have donated time and money, who have offered kind words of love and support and who have been awesome in general. I honestly have the MOST Fabulous FRIENDS and FAMILY. I love you all!! 

See you all in Feb 2013 :D xoxoxooxox

NOTE: For the next 18 months my Blog posts will be C/O Tania who will post the weekly emails I send to my Family. She will also put my current addresses and contact deets on facebook.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Not as easy as I thought

This whole mission prep experience has been soo much harder then I ever expected. Like, hooly crap hard! But I am a stronger person because of it all, and hopefully a little bit more prepared. Tonight I will be set apart as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints and I.Cant.Wait!! :D I'm sure I will write about that later, but for now I have a massive issue to resolve... I haven't finished my list!!

Somehow time ran out (I only had 139 days! how is anyone supposed to achieve anything in such a short time frame?)

Here is the update if you care slightly..

  • Boogie board down the Number 1 (dressed as sooper heros) FAIL
  • Flash Mob PASS, even though it was slightly lame
  • Roady to Pokeno FAIL
  • Roady to McLaren Falls + Tauranga FAIL
  • Camping FAIL
  • Cook something delish ...yep pretty much FAIL
  • Get some Mission clothes PASS - Thank You Mum
  • Contact International Licence people PASS
  • Send Acceptance letter PASS
  • Get final immunizations (Medical stuff) PASS
  • Busk FAIL
  • Pay Taxes PASS
  • Apply for tithing Rebate (2009 + 2010) FAIL
  • Transfer Camera Payments PASS
  • Quit EDS fooreeverrrr!!!! PASS!! Yess
  • Dance in the Rain FAIL
  • Scavenger Hunt FAIL
  • Have a Disney Movie Marathon FAIL
  • Have a Dress up Party.. semi PASS/FAIL, there was a dress up party but well we all know how that turned out hehe
  • Have a slumber party :D FAIL
  • Clean/Pack up room PASS
  • Clean out boxes in Garage PASS
  • Hot-and-Cold adventures FAIL
  • Dress up Fab and go out to dinner FAIL
  • Update Photography Blog!!! PASS/FAIL
  • Do a back flip PASS - thank you horizontal bungee :D
  • Learn something new PASS
  • Get my Bike + Camel Back + GHD + Bedding sent to Mission Office IN PROGRESS
  • Get an amazing Camera (Canon Powershot G12) FAIL
  • Make Sky Lanterns and fly those pretties PASS/FAIL - I am currently in possession of some amazing Lanterns thanks to one of my Fabulous friends (Matty your awesome!). I intend to fly those pretties pronto!
  • Go on an intense Hike FAIL - unless queen st in auckland counts?
  • Run 10km non-stop EPIC FAIL
  • Tough Guy/Gal Challenge FAIL FAIL FAIL

  • So thats what I've been up to mostly, Tomorrow I will have waay cooler stories to tell, but for now good night :D

    Tuesday, August 2, 2011


    Have you ever had a daydream that got out of hand? I was just thinking about my visa and what would happen if it didn't arrive and pretty much wanted to cry, my imagination is too good for my own sake!

    Speaking about things that are too good, here is a top 5 of awesome things that have happened lately (in no particular order)...

    1. I was searching for my Mission Call (that I may or may not have lost for a couple of weeks) and I found $200!! I think its Tithing, but its still $200 that I forgot I had.

    2. Got hired to photograph a HighSchool Ball. $800 for 2hrs isn't that bad now is it!!

    3. Went to Time Out For Women and had the most amazing time being filled with inspiration and determination to be the most amazing Sister Farthing EVER!!

    These are the quotes that got me the most...

    • Don't you DARE be the ONE THING standing in your way!!
    • The Greatest privilege in life is to know that God has worked through you - Pres Monson

    Wonderfully wonderfully wonderful!!

    4. This little gangsta was born (I'm a bit delayed I know)

    5. And then this one was born :D

    And a bonus just for fun, I learned that if a mailing address has R.D in it, it means Rural Delivery....not road... now i know... thanks Brooke

    Saturday, July 9, 2011

    'to do' list

    Assuming my Visa is processed and arrives on time, I have:

    2 Months


    9 Weeks


    62 Sleeps


    1488 hrs


    89280 mins
    I guess all this waiting is good since I have alot of things to do. Here is my official list of things to do before I go:

    1. Boogie board down the Number 1 (dressed as sooper heros)
    2. Flash Mob
    3. Roady to Pokeno
    4. Roady to McLaren Falls + Tauranga
    5. Camping
    6. Cook something delish
    7. Get some Mission clothes
    8. Contact International Licence people
    9. Send Acceptance letter
    10. Get final immunizations (Medical stuff)
    11. Busk
    12. Pay Taxes
    13. Apply for tithing Rebate (2009 + 2010)
    14. Transfer Camera Payments
    15. Quit EDS fooreeverrrr!!!!
    16. Dance in the Rain
    17. Scavenger Hunt
    18. Have a Disney Movie Marathon
    19. Have a Dress up Party
    20. Have a slumber party :D
    21. Clean/Pack up room
    22. Clean out boxes in Garage
    23. Hot-and-Cold adventures
    24. Dress up Fab and go out to dinner
    25. Update Photography Blog!!!
    26. Do a back flip
    27. Learn something new
    28. Get my Bike + Camel Back + GHD + Bedding sent to Mission Office
    29. Get an amazing Camera (Canon Powershot G12)
    30. Make Sky Lanterns and fly those pretties
    31. Go on an intense Hike
    32. Run 10km non-stop
    33. Tough Guy/Gal Challenge

    Yup thats my list of things to do, anyone 

    Thursday, May 26, 2011

    7 reasons I will return obese...

    We all know its going to happen, so why not identify exactly what the cause will be...

    1. Mozzarella Sticks - Sticks of Mozzarella cheese that have been deep fried. Yup..deep fried goodness!

    2. Cinnabons - mmmm smothered in delicious mmmmm

    3. Candy- Soo much selection, soo much fat + sugar

    4. Taco Bell - Cheep as + delicious as

    5. Pizza - They don't have meat pies, but they do have delicious meaty cheesy pizzas mmmmmmm

    6. Cheetos - Why is cheese so good!!!

    7. Girl Scout Cookies - Made from real Girl Scouts

    3 reasons I will not return obese...

    1. I have self control (I hope and pray)
    2. I am determined to exercise and NOT put on weight
    3. I have been blessed with a pretty decent metabolism (although that didn't help me at camp..?)

    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    the mother of all annoying days

    OH heck annoying!!!! 

    loooong story short, EPIC visa photo fail x3 and all in the same day!!

    3 separate occasions, 2 different photo places, holy bad hair day, disgusting lighting, eeeeehhhgewww!!!
    but ooh well (grrr!!) at least my Visa is applied for. Lets all pray it gets cleared faster than the current turn around of 4-6 months BECAUSE I LEAVE IN LESS THAN 4 MONTHS!~!!!!

    Feel free to laugh at my misfortunes and lack of photogenic-ness. These are my photos in chronological order. I even ran my fingers through my hair before the 2nd one was taken!!! gosh!! 

    I look like a convict!