Sunday, May 19, 2013

I like cheese, and it tastes great on toast.

So finally, after reading THIS POST by one of my incredible mission companions, I was re-inspired to get cracking and put on paper (or blogger) the goals/plans floating around in my big spacious brain.

Its gonna be hard, and probably also cheesy, but I like cheese, and it tastes great on toast.

First, we set the scene with some reminiscing..

In the last couple of weeks of my mission I really started to stress out about how I was going to cope with life once I was back. In order to avoid the constant questions about going home, I had led everyone to believe I had only been out for a year. Eventually I caved and started to tell people, and I am so glad I finally did. This is why..

I could go into the details, but thats too much for you to read and for me to type, lets just acknowledge the fact that I could no longer hold a conversation not about the gospel, had lost any form of fashion sense I may or may not have had, was worried about being annoying, wanted to stay on my missionary high forever, and had no desire to watch any movie unless it was called "Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration (look at that, I went into details.. lets stop there). As a missionary you kind of get to put 'life' on hold, while growing faster than you could otherwise, and I liked that, alot. But Heavenly Father has a plan and knows that eventually you just have to go home, there is only so much progressing you can do when you're not allowed to date..

So, getting to the point of this post, during those last few weeks of my mission I happened to talk to some incredibly amazing people who helped me feel okay about going home, and understanding that there really is life after death (both normally and mission-wise).

Person #2 (where is person #1 you ask? they will feature in another post, this one is already hitting my 'too long for even me to read' limit)
I can't remember what his name was (ooh mysterious), but he changed my life forever!

He said "you have just been through the hardest experience of your life to date, you have learned more about yourself, the Gospel, life, the world and people. Go home and make this year the best year of your life!" 


And he didn't stop there "It doesn't mean that life is going to be perfect for you, and especially not easy, but you are a new person and you know how to make things better. Go get life Sister Farthing!"

So holy crap I plan on it!

I have been so inspired by mystery mans words that I feel these past 3 months have been pretty awesome, they for sure have been ridiculously unexpected and nutso, but, also really great. I was  SO inspired that on the flight home in-between watching 'Brave' and accidentally falling asleep on the guy next to me, I decided to not only make this the best year ever (and the year after that more betterer etc..), but to make today the best day of my life.

Slap me on a car and call me a bumper sticker!

How will I do this? ... I'm not entirely sure yet.. but it will have plenty to do with setting goals, being a grown up, applying all I have learned on my Mission/life so far, trusting in God, getting out of my comfort zone, choosing my attitude and all those good things.

And YOU my fabulous friends and family get to read all about it ..if you want.. no pressure.

So here is to MAKING every day the BEST day of my life!

feel free to write wonderful encouraging comments about how great my plan is, or tell me why it isn't going to happen, or tell me how you make your year awesome, or your day, or your week, or how you like your cheese..

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  1. firstly, I also love cheese. And yes it is very good on toast. Secondly, glad you are blogging again, I'll be checking in regularly to see if you really are making this a great year! : )